Under Choose a network connection, select the desired VPN connection in the drop down list and click on the Connect button. You might be prompted to enter your credentials depending on your connection's configuration.

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The file acts as phonebook storage similar to dial-up or VPN . Rasphone.pbk is related to particular VPN settings, and it cannot be deleted using the common procedure.

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Hang up a RAS connection: RASPHONE [-v] -f PhoneBook_file -h "PhoneBook_entry".

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The following Rasphone.exe features are not supported with rasdial: Entries that require Terminal mode user entry during the dial sequence. Operator-assisted or manual dialing. Examples. In the following example, this command connects to the OFFICE entry in Rasphone.pbk: rasdial office rasphone.pbk is the file that can be also called a storage file for data related to connections like phone numbers, addresses. It is like a phonebook storage connection information e.g. your dial-up, broadband, VPN. Issues with the file can occur often, and users encounter the file or even a full folder, and it cannot be deleted properly.

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I found out online that Windows 7 has a less user friendly command line method for handling VPN related issues. It would be nice to see the ability to have a globally embedded rasphone book. At the moment (v8.1.0.0), each session requires you to embed the same rasphone.pbk, making it less convenient, especially when some properties (such as when a host changes) have to be changed.

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1968, BSc in Mathematics, Montpellier, France; 1971, MSc in Civil Engineering, Clerment-Ferrand, France; 1973, DEA in Civil Engineering, Toulouse, France. 1976-78 Fix 2 – Try an Older workaround rasphone. rasphone is the older tool with which you can still connect to VPN easily in windows 10 PC. To use it do as followed:-1. Right click anywhere on the desktop and click on new and then choose shortcut.

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Wireless, VPN, broadband, dial-up, etc. then Windows stores the information in a file  rasphone.exe.